• Top Paying IT Certifications In 2020

    • 26 Mar 2020

    1.Certified Information Systems Security Professional  (CISSP) 

     If you work in analysis, auditing, systems engineering, or anything in between,  then the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) might be  the perfect certification for you. CISSPs are information assurance pros who  are mainly responsible for determining the architecture, management, design,  and controls that ensure the security of your company.  Should you pass the test, which requires you to have a minimum of five years  of relevant experience, you can look forward to the average pay of $116,900 per  year. It's worth noting that, even after getting the certification, you will still  need to receive Continuing Education credits each year to maintain your  credentials.    Most common job titles:    Information technology auditor  Security analyst  Information security analyst     

    2. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)  

    A Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)'s main focus is on information  security management. Your job will be to design and engineer security  protocols as well as manage a company's security. As CISM, you'll have access  to lines of business outside of IT, putting you face to face with company  stakeholders. Registration is via the ISACA website as well as this exam  locator.  CISMs are well-paid, too. On average, Global Knowledge says you can make an  average of $118,412 per year as a CISM. However, if you choose to go down  this route, then you'll have to take a 200-question test on topics such as  information security governance, information risk management, and incident  management.   

    3. Project Management Professional (PMP)  

    The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification was created and  administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is one of the most  recognized project management certifications available today. This  certification demonstrates that you are competent when it comes to managing  projects and project teams. You will be tested in five specific areas: initiating,  planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.  Before you become certified, however, you'll need to have completed at least 35  hours of related training before you can take the exam. If you have a Bachelor's  degree, then you'll also need 4,500 hours of project management experience  (those without a degree will need 7,500 hours). Getting PMP certification takes  years but it's worth it. PMPs currently earn an average of $135,798 per year.    

    4. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)  

    New to the top 10 this year, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library  (ITIL) is the most widely accepted framework for IT management in the world.  It has held this distinction for the past 30 years. Covering a set of best  practices for providing IT services with the needs of organizations, it is a wide-  ranging discipline covering a laundry list of important specializations such as  IT operations, incident management, capacity management, and availability, to  name a few. Best practices aim to control or reduce IT costs, improve IT  services, and balance IT resources.    

    5. Microsoft Azure

    Azure Certification is one of the best IT courses that is a platform facilitating its clients with a space to develop and  deploy software. This helps the clients to focus on application development instead of worrying about hardware and  infrastructure. This even handles most of the operating systems, networking, It also takes care of most of the operating  systems and servers issues. Hence, Microsoft. Azure can be described as a data management center that is used for  building, deploying and managing the applications and provides services through a global network. The services provided  by Microsoft Azure are PaaS and laaS. With Azure certification, you unfold various opportunities and designation where  you are entitled to work on technical architecture and lead implementation making sure that there"s a diverse spread of  new technology is being enacted. This is why a certified Azure professional earns up to an average salary of $136,750.


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